1. Face shape

Appearance is the first condition for becoming a MODEL. Unlike entertainers, MODEL does not pay much attention to “hosts” with good eloquence, “actors” with good acting skills, and “singers” with great singing voices. In other words, the MODEL must have a sweet and beautiful appearance or have personal characteristics such as (double eyelids, big eyes, single eyelids, mixed race, personalized face shape, delicate, gorgeous) and have a “more” chance to become an excellent MODEL . ​

2. Body

Proportionally standard supermodels often have the face of an angel and the figure of a devil, but I think that is a dreamy standard that is far away, so in fact, as long as the body is well-proportioned and has a certain proportion, there can be a basic score. A certain part must be particularly large. If you are not sure whether you have a perfect body proportion, a professional brokerage company may be able to give you a more pertinent judgment and considerable improvement suggestions.

3. Performance ability

Modeling work must appear in the camera and on the stage. No one is born to perform, but in this circle there are performers who are good at acting and those with poor acting ability. If you have considerable experience in your performance Grasp it, then you may have a better chance of becoming a bright new star. If you do not have such conditions now, then it is still too late to study hard and strengthen your training from now on.

4. Positive working attitude

Performing arts work is different from ordinary work, there is no fixed commute, the announcement schedule can only be coordinated with no comments, and every time the work is completed, it must be reported to the person in charge of the announcement immediately, which can strengthen one’s professionalism Points are also one of the reasons why you can survive in this industry for a long time.

5. Principles of responsibility

Some people enter this industry to make money, some people want to be famous, of course some people want to try to satisfy their curiosity, some people do this job because they want to find the perfect object, but no matter what, the goal is always achieved One day, many people began to give up participating in performing arts work because they had achieved their own goals. It is really a big loss for those of us who are really interested in engaging in the behind-the-scenes of performing arts. Here I appeal to everyone to cultivate a responsible Attitude, don’t give up everything about performing arts just because you have achieved your goal, because you not only have to be responsible to the company that cultivated you, but also you can’t disappoint all the audience who love you.

Three clear personal photos, including clear half-length and full-body photos

A 90-second personal self-introduction, including self-introduction, and according to the project you signed up for (model/host/singer), show your relevant skills in the video

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